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Meetings 2018 / 2019

Lodge of St John In Bedwardine no 7458

Tuesday Dec 4th Rehearsal 7.30 Rainbow Hill

Monday December 10th Raising 6.00 Rainbow Hill

Wednesday 6th February Rehearsal 7.30 Rainbow Hill

Thursday February 14th Valentines 7.00 Rainbow Hill

Wednesday 27th February Rehearsal7.30 Rainbow Hill

Thursday 14th March  Raising 6.00 Rainbow Hill

Wednesday 27th April Rehearsal 7.30 Rainbow Hill

Wednesday April 3rd Rehearsal 7.30 Rainbow Hill
Thursday 11th April Installation  7.30 Rainbow Hill

Informals ... generally Third Tuesdays, 7.30 at Deans

Bedwardine is a small friendly Lodge meeting at Rainbow Hill Worcester.
 We welcome all visitors or those who wish to become members.
Please contact the secretary at: lodge7458@gmail.com

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Lodge of St John In Bedwardine no 7458

Lodge of St John In Bedwardine no 7458 Wednesday June 5th 2019 : Provincial Grand Lodge Monday October 14th : Initiation Monday...